The Vacuum Adapter upgrade makes cleaning out your desktop CNC machine easy.

Vacuum Port Upgrade for Othermill and Othermill Pro

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With the Vacuum Port Upgrade, you will create a hole in the back of your machine using our template. You can even run your vacuum during operation of the machine. This Vacuum Port comes standard with the Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine, but we wanted to create a way for anyone to upgrade the previous models and get all the advantages of having a dust collection system.

To read more about the Vacuum Port Upgrade for Othermill and Othermill Pro, please refer to our support guide here.

Once you have added a Vacuum Port to your Othermill or Othermill Pro, you will also be able to use the Fine Dust Collection System, perfect for milling PCBs.


You will also need a small drill bit and drill for a pilot hole, as well as a 1" hole saw to complete this upgrade. These two items are not included in the contents of this purchase.


  • Vacuum Port Plug (1)
  • Vacuum Adapter (1)
  • Vacuum Port Fitting (1)
  • Paper Template (1)