25-pack of double-sided FR-1 blanks.
25-pack of single-sided FR-1 blanks.
Single-sided FR-1 work beautifully with the Bantam Tools desktop CNC machines.
These double-sided FR-1 blanks work beautifully with Bantam Tools' desktop CNC machines.

Printed Circuit Board Blanks

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After much research and testing, we're excited to be able to offer the best printed circuit board on the market! Not only does our FR-1 work beautifully in the machine, but it's also three times larger than other available PCB blanks, allowing for more expansive projects.

We offer packs of 25 of these 4"x5" and 10 packs of 8"x5" blanks, in both single- and double-sided. 

For more detailed information, check out the data sheet.