Rigid end effector with mounting screws
Rigid end effector installed on Y stage
Pen clip installed on the end effector
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Rigid End Effector for NextDraw & AxiDraw

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This rigid end effector plate is designed to be in place of the standard pen-lift Z stage, and provides an alternative mounting scheme for mounting various things to the end of the arm on your NextDraw or AxiDraw, for applications where greater rigidity is important but the lifting ability of the standard Z stage is not required.

The rigid end effector is custom machined from aluminum, and provides six M3 tapped holes and two M4 tapped holes for mounting what ever it is that you would like to mount to the end of the arm, to use it as a 2D robot arm. The hole pattern is compatible with the NextDraw (black) pen clip as well as older AxiDraw pen clips with a 4-hole pattern, so you can, if you like, mount the pen clip to this end effector.

Installation is straightforward, but requires either a Torx T20 driver or a Pozidriv PZ2* screwdriver, not included. Remove the pen clip, and then remove the pen-lift Z stage by removing the two screws behind it. Install the rigid end effector plate in its place, using either the original screws that held the pen-lift Z stage in place or with the two included mounting screws. You may wish to also tie back or fully remove the cable guides, which normally extend to power the pen-lift stage.


  • Material: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Size: 1.97 × 1.38 × 0.19 inches (50 × 35 × 4.8 mm).
  • Weight: Approximately 11 g.
  • Technical drawing available for download here.
  • Mounting hardware: included (Two M4×12 Torx-head self-tapping screws).
  • Made in USA


This adapter is compatible with all Bantam Tools NextDraw™ models and all AxiDraw V3, SE, and MiniKit series pen plotters. Please contact if you have questions about compatibility or applications.

The rigid end effector can be used both with the standard pen clip or with the XL Pen Clip sold separately. It is also compatible with the Pen Clip Rotation Stage as well as the Italic Pen Adapter

(*A Phillips P2 screwdriver can be used in a pinch, but it is a poor substitute for a proper Pozidriv driver, and may damage the screw head and/or your driver.)