This Harvey 1/32" ball end mill features a two-flute, 45° high-helix design which produces excellent results in aluminum.

Harvey Tool 1/32" High Helix Ball End Mill

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This 1/32" ball end mill features a two-flute, 45° high-helix design which produces excellent results in aluminum.

  • 2 flute, high helix design improves results in aluminum and other non-ferrous applications
  • 45° helix for faster chip removal and better finish
  • Center cutting
  • h6 shank tolerance for high precision tool holders ​
  • Solid carbide
  • CNC ground in the USA 
  • Harvey Tool # 27831
Cutter Diameter: .031" (1/32)
Length Of Cut: .093"
Overall Reach: .093"
Flutes: 2
Shank Diameter: 1/8"


*This tool ships directly from Harvey Tool Company