Use your Bantam Tools desktop CNC machine to mill an 8-bit capacitive synth.
With this 8-bit capacitive synth kit, you'll have everything you need to start milling with your Bantam Tools desktop CNC machine.

8-bit Capacitive Synth Kit

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Can’t get enough 80s synth music? This kit is for you! In this intermediate build, you’ll start by using an EAGLE file to mill your synth PCB on the Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine, then you’ll get to practice soldering surface-mount components and program the synth PCB with Arduino (not included).


  • Printed Circuit Board Blank, FR-1, 4"x5", single-sided (2)
  • Battery, CR2032 (2)
  • Battery holder, CR2032 (2)
  • 16 MHz Ceramic Resonator
  • 10K Resistor
  • 0.1uF Capacitor
  • Green SMD LED
  • 6 pin Female Header
  • ATMega 328 w/ Arduino Bootloader
  • 28 pin IC Socket
  • Surface mount slide switch
  • 1/8" surface mount headphone jack