Season 2 Episode 8 – Alberto Savoia: Lessons in Prototyping & “Pretotyping”

Plus Scott Miller from Dragon Innovation shares tips for manufacturing at scale

In this last episode of Season 2, we talk all about prototyping and “pretotyping.” Our guest, Alberto Savoia, is a mathematician and engineer, who among many things led the initial development of Google’s Ad Words. After many successes, Albero had the sobering experience of seeing one of his startups fail, and he set out to develop a framework for testing ideas in the market, before actually launching them. Instead of beginning with prototyping, Alberto shares that teams should first “pretotype.”




Alberto Savoia is the Innovation Agitator Emeritus at Google. As an engineer, engineering executive and CTO, Savoia helped develop, manage and launch products such as Sun Microsystem's Workstations, SunLab's Java and Google’s AdWords. Savoia developed a rapid prototyping technique called “pretotyping” that allows for product testing without actually building a product and is the author of The Right It: ​Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed