Season 2 Episode 5 – Mohit Bhoite: Giving Life to Electronics

Plus Andrew Kleindolph on teaching digital fabrication in high school 

This week we speak with Mohit Bhoite. By day, Mohit is a senior electrical engineer at the IoT startup Particle, but come nights and weekends, Mohit is a full-time sculptor. Though the technique he uses, called freeforming or dead-bug-style circuitry, is one that you may have seen before, he takes it to a new level with his polished look and the way he’s able to embody character and express emotion with each of his circuit creatures. Each one could be cast as a character in a Pixar film.

In this episode, Mohit shares more about how he assembles these freeform circuits and what initially inspired him to get started in electrical engineering.





Mohit Bhoite works as a senior hardware engineer at Particle, where he designs and builds their flagship IoT products. He’s also an avid maker who dedicates his personal time to building free-formed electronic sculptures primarily out of brass. Born in Mumbai, Mohit initially drew inspiration for his work from a wide variety of sources, including BEAM robotics, Japanese carpentry, truss bridges, industrial plumbing, Islamic patterns, and the works of Mark Tilden and Peter Vogel.