Season 2 Episode 4 – Greg Wolos: Design Thinking

Plus Ben Light gives us a tour of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program

In this episode we sit down with industrial designer and engineer, Greg Wolos, to speak about design thinking. Greg is the former design director at IDEO – the international design and consulting firm – and today runs his own design consultancy. Greg is not only focused on the way consumer goods look, feel and get manufactured, but also the way in which we incorporate consumer electronics in our lives on a more conceptual level.


We visited Greg in his studio in Somerville, Massachusetts. It’s a big bright space filled with Braun clocks, teenage engineering synthesizers and other objects of inspiration that you’d expect designers to surround themselves with.




Greg Wolos is an industrial designer and engineer at Wolos Studio based in Cambridge, MA. Previously he was the design director at IDEO. Greg also worked as a designer and engineer at W. L. Gore and Boeing, and is one of the minds behind Masterlist.