Season 1 Episode 4 - Breakfast: Break It Till You Make It

Plus Stefania Druga on MIT's class "How to Make Almost Anything"

You’ve probably found yourself walking along an airport causeway or another public space and have seen a wall that once may have been covered in a billboard now playing host to an interactive array of glowing LEDs that change color as you walk past or wave your hand. Surprisingly, such installations usually aren’t the work of large companies, but rather of small studios made up of designers, hackers, and ersatz engineers.  

Projects like these require rapid testing and quick turnaround times to stay on budget and are proving grounds for new technologies. In December, we caught up with the founders of one such studio, Breakfast, whose name alone is a hat-tip towards the speed at which they work. 






Breakfast is a studio of multidisciplinary designers and engineers that conceive, design, and fabricate high-tech contemporary art installations and sculptures. Breakfast creates custom, one-of-a-kind pieces for each client to be installed in lobbies, airports, and other large spaces.

(Breakfast co-founders Andrew Zolty & Mattias Gunneras)