Season 1 Episode 3 - Ben Redwood: 3D Hubs & Automated Manufacturing

Plus Jordan Husney on working with GE and running a 3D Hub 

If you owned a 3D printer back in 2013, you probably remember hearing about 3D Hubs for the first time. Desktop 3D printing was still in its early days, and a community of people were coming together on their site to share knowledge and experiences while building out a distributed manufacturing network. And, as we’ll hear in this episode, it worked. Fast forward to today, and 3D Hubs describes themselves as the “world’s largest manufacturing network.” Today they offer not just 3D printing services, but CNC and injection molding as well. We caught up with the Director of Supply Chain at 3D Hubs, Ben Redwood, to learn about some of the recent transitions the company has gone through and what it means to automate human interactions in manufacturing.




Ben Redwood is the Director of Supply Chain at 3D Hubs, the author of the 3D Printing Handbook, and holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Canterbury.